Geocaching in Suffolk

If you haven’t heard of geocaching before you’re missing out!  The world’s biggest treasure hunt, Geocaching is loads of fun for all ages and a great thing to do whilst on holiday in Suffolk.  Explore our glorious landscapes on foot, or by bike whilst searching for 1000’s of hidden treasures.

So, what is a Geocache?  Well, it can be anything really, but a typical cache is a small plastic container with a logbook and pencil.  It can be filled with a variety of trinkets, toys and items of curiosity.  The idea is that once you’ve found the cache you sign and date the logbook, leaving any comments you wish to and enjoy the contents of the cache before carefully replacing it ready for the next geocacher to discover.  Items within a cache can be swapped or traded, but not taken.

Caches come in all shapes and sizes and vary in degrees of difficulty.  How do you find these caches?  You’ll first need to download the Geocache app and create an account.  You’ll discover a whole world of treasures and adventures including thousands in Suffolk.  Every cache and its coordinates are listed on the app, some for free, others require a monthly subscription.

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